Take a look at the places where I've worked

  • Search Engine Optimization Manager at Eyebuydirect Inc.

    - Nov 2021 - Present

    As the Search Engine Optimization Manager at EyeBuyDirect Inc., I developed and implemented effective SEO strategies, conducted in-depth keyword research, optimized on-page content, and successfully improved organic rankings and website visibility.

  • Co-Founder at Mazeless - Enterprise SEO

    - 2020 - Present

    As a Co-Founder at Mazeless - Enterprise SEO, I played a key role in assisting clients with technical SEO issues, website migrations, SEO audits, ADA compliance, and web governance, helping them achieve improved rankings, usability, and overall search performance.

  • Organic & SEO Growth Manager at Almanac

    San Francisco (remote) - 2020

    In my role as an Organic & SEO Growth Manager at Almanac, I conducted technical website audits, optimized content for better rankings, managed website migrations, and led a team of interns. I also provided insightful recommendations and benchmark reports to enhance off-page and on-page optimization efforts.

  • Global Technical SEO Manager at Experian

    Costa Mesa, CA - 2018 to 2020

    As the Global SEO Manager at Experian, I directed SEO efforts in a major digital transformation project, oversaw global website SEO practices, performed regular audits, and implemented best practices for successful website migrations. Additionally, I conducted in-depth keyword research and provided SEO training and tutorials for internal marketers.

  • VP of Business Development at Accucom Corporation

    Boston, MA - 2010-2018

    As the VP of Business Development at Accucom Corporation, I led strategic planning, project execution, and testing for various web projects, managed teams for advanced website and product development, and implemented SEO, SEM, and affiliate recruitment campaigns, resulting in increased brand awareness and profitability.

  • Managing Partner at e-Works Web Design Studio

    Armenia - 2006 - 2012

    As the Managing Partner at e-Works Web Design Studio, I successfully built the company from the ground up with limited financial investment. I oversaw daily operations, headed project planning and execution, and supervised a team of employees, resulting in the successful completion of numerous web design and development projects.

  • IT Expert at Grant Thornton

    Armenia - 2006 - 2011

    In my role as an IT Expert at Grant Thornton, I upgraded SEO and social media marketing efforts, maintained and updated websites, conducted network setup and maintenance, and provided technical support, troubleshooting, and website updates to support the company's technical needs.